Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Laws Of Relativity.

I got given an apprentice yesterday.

I also have a headache.

Preeeeeetty sure those two aren't at all related though.




  1. We want more.... We want more!! More Blog please!

    1. Really? I got some pretty nasty messages about how it was shit so I sort of gave up... I'm still writing. Should I post them?

    2. We want a BLOG..... When do we want it? NOW! We want a BLOG.... We want a BLOG... We want a BLOG!

  2. What??? FUCK EM! Keep at it! They are just Trolls! You are a brilliant writer, very talented! If they dont like it DONT FUCKING read it simple!

  3. I agree with Chris Smith here, I myself am an apprentice Chef and I really enjoy reading your blogs :) The first thing I do after a shit shift is have a look at this place to see if anything new has been uploaded.

    Keep at it Chef, fuck the haters :)

  4. Keep posting!
    This is always the most entertaining part of my week!
    Anyone trying to stop you is just a troll and remember: don't feed the trolls!
    We hospos need a laugh or we end up killing customers and I hear that's bad for business...............