Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hey Guys.

The blog is gone.

Little Chef can't do it anymore.

Every now and again, we hit a wall, at that wall comes crashing down over our world and we wake up one day and think: "Can I seriously do this anymore?"

When the answer is no: you're done.


Is ALDI hiring?


  1. That's a shame. I'll miss it. Good luck in your next adventure!

  2. Tbh every chef wakes up and asks this every day. Take a step back and you will find your love again. Eat out at a restaurant and find your passion. Relax on a holiday and energize yourself. You have great skills. :)

  3. Thanks for all the wit and humor in an industry that can be such a pain in the ass (from a chef-wife and server). Take a breath and keep moving forward! Good luck in whatever the future has in store.

  4. Hey thanks for the chuckles, you know when I started cooking it was 1976, I was 15 and damn the world was fine, now not so much.
    When I was 19 and working in a sweat box kitchen in a London Casino an old Maltese merchant seaman (who was 72 and still cooking) told me to "fill the pages of your youth cause when you get to 72 thats all you got"
    I realized he was right, I also realized that not all pages are filled with sweetness and light.
    But hey if you don't have the shit how do you know what good stuff is?
    Keep filling your Book,


  5. I sneak onto this blog every now and then as a silent reader for a good chuckle. It takes someone from the industry to understand. Nothing is ever really permanent. Change is the only constant. You might find yourself back into the kitchen someday. But for now, do what you have to do and find new adventures. Good luck with your new ventures. Until then, thank you for the wit and humor :)