Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Happy Birthday Old Fart.

On average, my Dad has six birthdays a year.

At least, that's how many times I use the excuse: "Oh sorry I can't, it's my Dad's birthday."

This is very rarely questioned, however it is occasionally met with a: "So? Dads don't care..."

"Oh yeah but Mum would kill me."


Well today is his actual birthday and I'd like to give a shout out to him.

To the smartest, (smart ass) most terrible joke teller and top bloke I know, Happy Birthday Daddy.

Thanks for teaching me how to throw a ball like a boy, how to play 500, how to win every fight by 100m and for getting me out of so, SO many events. (Still owe you for the World's Longest Lunch clean down where I left the mountain-like stack of dishes to the three boys on work experience.)

But by my records, it's pretty much Happy 108th!!!

Looking good for an old fart.

Love you x

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