Thursday, 30 May 2013

Public Transport At Its Finest.

I have discovered the four Metro Peak hours.

8:50am train : Plebs, Centrelink appointments and school kids who slept in, getting Mumsy to drop them at the station in their Range Rover that has never roved a range before in it's life. People who are 30% head, 10% brain and 60% giant Dr Dre headphone.

7:50am: The Suits.

6:50am: The "I must talk super loud on my hands free phone to invade everybody around me's personal hearing zone because I work far too hard to have the energy to lift my 140gram smartphone that probably isn't even out in Australia yet."

5:50am: Tradies.




-snaps back to reality-

Getting up early has it's benefits. So much fluro... So many work boots and 2 day shadows...


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