Thursday, 30 May 2013

Apparently I'm Sexist.

I just got called sexist after saying that I don't think eyebrow rings look good on girls.



Ok firstly, I hardly see how that statement is demeaning to women. I mean fuck, I'm saying a piece of metal shoved through the skin above her eyeball isn't to my taste - I'm not judging her ability to iron her husbands 100% pure Egyptian cotton shirt whilst simultaneously cooking a roast now am I?

And secondly, I know I dress a bit tomboyish but rest assure, I AM A GIRL!!!

What am I sexist against my own sex?

Makes NO sense.


  1. Look at american political commentators... I'm CONVINCED most of the women of FoxNews hate women...

    Dislikeing eyebrow rings doesn't make you sexist tho... I don't like them either.

  2. Haha I have seen a couple of American news casts and I find them almost comedic. Like our Current Affairs shows.

    Youtube Charlie Pickering on masturbation and BBC - funny stuff.