Monday, 29 July 2013


I refuse to believe I am the only person that does this.

If I'm ever walking down a street and realise I'm going in the complete opposite direction that I need to be going, some bizarre part of me can't simply turn around and double back. I mean, I'll look like a complete dickhead.

I have to check my phone or search through my bag or make some obscene arm gesture as in - "Oh fuck, I forgot that thing that was totally important!"

I really think I have too much time on my hands because the effort factor is increasing for every time I need to think of a new thing to have 'totally forgotten'.

Or maybe I'm just retarded...


  1. I feel you.

    I often find myself in the cool room standing around like an idiot because I completely forgot what I came in for.

    Then there's that awkward moment when someone else walks in and I pretend to peruse my section and grab something that I really don't need... only to sneak back in 5 mins later because my retarded brain decided to jump start itself when I got back to my work bench.

  2. We call the cold room the portal of forget-full-ness !!! Its fucking unbelievable .