Thursday, 14 March 2013

Condoms And Fallout 3.

It's before work and I'm rushing through the pharmacy for some ibprofen for the boss.

Because you know... I'm chef/receptionist/personal assistant/laundry do-er/therapist.

Anyway. There was a young boy in there, maybe 8 or 9 who was standing next to his Dad asking about condoms.

Pause for hilarity, I have not seen a man this confused about how to answer a question since I asked my year 12 English teacher if there was another word for 'synonym'. Or maybe at least not since my little cousin couldn't explain to my uncle why he still ate the icecream he dropped into the potentially poo-ridden tan bark some years back.

He did however, give a pretty amazing response to : "Dad, what are they for?"

-clears throat-

"Well... Son, girls have cooties yes? And um... Boys have boy germs. When you get older, you stop being scared of cooties. But it's like when we play Fallout 3... After a while you might not be scared of your enemies anymore and you can get closer to them, but you're darn sure you're still going to wear the T-51b Power Armor and helmet."

Condoms: protecting us from super mutants like a boss.

Ps. 20 minutes later. Still laughing.

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  1. This is the kind of Dad I want to be.
    Except, you know... not an Aussie.