Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Write A Book.

People are always telling me I should write a book. I probably should take it as a compliment that there are some who can see past my excessive drop of the C-bomb and endless supply of sex related stories and appreciate my ability to string two words together with some form of grammatical intelligence, but I don't.

Because more often than not, the babbling drones who tell me to write a book are the ones who still can't differentiate between bought and brought and construct their sentence like a 4 year old.

"Yous should write a book."


Writing a book wouldn't be my thing. It's hard work, clearly much more difficult than people think. It's like being a chef, it's the greatest job in the world, if it wasn't hard, everybody would do it. That and nobody wants to hear anything a 22 year old outspoken Liberal supporter with tasteful topical attraction to sex, tradies and anger management issues, has to say.

But what gets to me is when people say things like:

"I could write a book. Can't be that hard. I have a great idea for your book."

No, no you don't. You shift soil for a living. Stop it.


  1. Bought is to buy an item.
    Brought is to bring an item with you.
    You should write a book, I'm just saying I've enjoyed what I've read so far...