Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lady Luck.

Highlights of my night at Circus Bar with my favourite clubbing buddy:

- Watching my mate get crutch grabbed by a bouncer to check that he was indeed, a male, because only girls were allowed to have the seats upstairs. Don't think he's had that much action for a while... His expression resembled that of a person who has just found out they fucked their mother. A bit of disgust, a bit of shock and depending on what state you're from, a bit of amusement.

- The same bouncer testing us both for "do you even squat" asses (possibly the only male to ever grab my ass without me having a total hissy fit...)

- Not hearing a single 'woo!' after the drop.

- The look on all the fried cunts faces when they realised Will Sparks was a no show.
Something like this.

- Drunkenly educating my taxi driver about how heels are the primary motivation for chicks to get cabs and as a result, how he will be able to send his kids to private school.

- But finally. For the club abs.

Chyeah. Podium bangers.

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