Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Ideal Boyfriend.

Manager at work: "What's your idea of the perfect boyfriend?"

-long pause-

Me: "A guy who will lick beer off my stomach on a really hot day and who will watch Sex And The City whilst giving me a back rub."

"You don't ask for much."

"All 6 seasons, both movies, learn their names and he has to pretend to like it too."

"Ah fuck girl, you're dreamin'."



  1. Haha. When I was married and "Sex and the City" was still airing, I would come home with a nice chocolate torte, hand it to the wife in bed before hopping in the shower, and then hop into bed to watch the remaining 30 minutes or so. It was a lovely three or four years there, with me 'entertaining' one of her interests. That 45 minutes of dedication usually was followed by her indulgence into one of my biggest interests...... blow jobs. This post you made is true. I can still tell you anything about any episode. Except the second movie. That one really sucked.

    1. Watching Sex and the City makes girls want two things: Shoes and Sex. If more blokes realized this I can guarantee they wouldn't have stopped after 6 seasons and a new religion of Bradshawism would have been born.

  2. My girlfriend made me do a sex and city marathon with her i did pretend to like it then i realised that i could pick up a few tips from this show and apply it to my relationship and indeed it did work

  3. They should pull boys aside during adolescence and make them watch it. It would eliminate the Friend Zone... Could possibly result in a lot more teenage pregnancies though haha

    1. haha that defiantly true..

      by the way such a great blog so glad i found it. gives me a laugh when i get home from a shit day in the kitchen im also from Melbourne so can relate to what you say.

      keep them coming